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RTOS: Cannot create files although drive is not full

Frequently Asked Questions about IPC@CHIP® software.
I cannot create new files on the IPC@CHIP's drive although there's still enough space left. What's wrong?

The IPC@CHIP uses the FAT (File Allocation Table) file system. This file system type has a limited number of file entries in its root directory (i.e. the base directory of a drive, e.g. A:\ or B:\). The maximum number of file entries can be specified when formatting the drive. The default value depends on the drive and on the RTOS version. Please refer to the documentation of the FORMAT command for further information.

Each "normal" file (i.e. files whose names conform to the 8.3 rule) occupies one file entry. Files with long names occupy several file entries. When the files in the root directory already occupy all available file entries, no new files can be created in this directory independent of the available disk space.

This limit does not apply for subdirectories like A:\TOOLS.

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