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AUTOEXEC.BAT: abort a faulty application

Frequently Asked Questions about IPC@CHIP® software.
I placed a faulty application inside the AUTOEXEC.BAT. Now the chip crashs and reboots all the time.
How can I abort this faulty application?

1) If STDIO is available on a serial port, you can abort the execution of the AUTOEXEC.BAT. Connect your PC serial port to this chip serial port, e.g. serial port 1 (COM), Setup your terminal program with the corresponding baud rate setting, normally 19200 bit/s 8N1. Press CTRL-C in the terminal program until the message "Terminate autoexec.bat(Y/N)" appears. Now press "y" to terminate the batch file. You should now be able to delete the faulty application.

2) If STDIO is not available on any serial port, or first method fails, you need to upload a hex file with the Chiptool program.
On SC1x controllers you need to reprogram a RTOS hex file. This will erase the content of the internal flash drive A:.
On SC1x3/SC2x controllers the upload of a RTOS hex file will leave the flash drive intact. Instead of a RTOS hex file you need to upload the corresponding "format_scXXX.hex" file, which can be found on the BECK IPC homepage.
Use the serial program option in Chiptool to transfer the hex file. Select the correct serial port on the chip.
For SC1x this is always serial port 0 (EXT).
For SC2x this is always serial port 1 (COM).
For SC1x3 the port depends on the hardware setup (COM or EXT).

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