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UDP server command 10 usage

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC11, SC12 and SC13.

UDP server command 10 usage

Postby vedran.samsa » 17.12.2014, 11:31


we are developing an automated software for complete update of the SC13 device. Now new requirement is that also an RTOS update is done automatically if update procedure detects that SC13 does not have the latest RTOS installed.

For the update process we will use Chiptool in command line mode. During testing phase I recognized that the update process stalls if there are processes running on the SC13 (also listed in the documentation that there should not be any processes running prior to doing RTOS update).

I observed that the Chiptool is using some UDP command 10 which automatically deletes the autoexec.bat and reboots the device.

Idea would be to:
* firstly backup the A: drive content
* execute command 10 to remove autoexec.bat and prepare for RTOS update
* do an RTOS update using Chiptool
* restore A: contents from the backup

Can you tell me if it is possible to use this UDP server command from our software before doing the RTOS update and if possible what are the required parameters and since which RTOS it is available?

What I have found working is serial_10_1

Thanks in advance
Vedran Samsa
GUEP Software

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