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SC23L Code Size

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC243

SC23L Code Size

Postby Cihan » 13.12.2013, 14:04

We are using SC23-IEC cpu for our controller. I want to increase my controller code size in codesys target (code Size = 16#50000 at the moment). I increased code size (16#80000) with platform builder and made a codesys project with more then 400K code size. When i downloaded the project to controller, codesys gave me some errors like: "The relocation of data in the controller has failed " or "The code size too much for the controller". Is there any way to solve this problem and what is maximum codesys code size for SC23 CPU's. (I tried it with SC24 also and my RTOS work on 2GB SD Card)

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