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CHIP.INI reverting after reboot

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.
I recently began working with the SC143 and am having trouble with editing the CHIP.INI file.

I'm trying to change the device name from EMC09 to Carrier 9 to match the already installed units. Here is the portion of the CHIP.INI file which is being edited.


NAME=Carrier 9

I am able to FTP and edit the file, but when I reboot it reverts to the settings before editing. These are the steps I have taken to edit the file:

Cycle power
Edit the CHIP.INI file
Verify the changes have been saved to the root of A:\
Cycle power
Verify the changes are still in effect
Cycle power
At this point the CHIP.INI file has reverted to it's previous state.

I apologize for the rudimentary question but I have searched the forums and read the startup guide to no avail.
Thank you for your time.


Hello Tom,

we strongly suspect that an application that is launched by the AUTOEXEC.BAT batch file is overwriting your CHIP.INI file.

What exactly are the contents of your AUTOEXEC.BAT? Do the programs started by it manipulate the CHIP.INI file in any way?


Michail G. Etairidis
Michael G. Etairidis
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

The contents of AUTOEXEC are below.


I do not have access to the source files. There is a subfolder called BIN which contains a few files. Below is the file structure.


My guess is that the emc.exe executable manipulates the CHIP.INI file, thereby reverting your change.

To verify my hypothesis you could do the following:

1. Remove (or comment out) emc.exe from the AUTOEXEC.BAT.
2. Reboot the device.
3. Modify the CHIP.INI
4. Start the emc.exe

If your changes to the CHIP.INI file have been reverted after running the emc.exe executable, that can only mean that emc.exe has modified it.
Michael G. Etairidis
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

I verified your hypothesis and It appears that you are correct and EMC.exe is writing to CHIP.INI. I assume the only way to resolve this would be to contact the developer and ask them to modify the executable. Thank you for your time!


Yes, in order for this to be resolved, the executable needs to be modified.

I am glad I could be of assistance.
Michael G. Etairidis
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

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