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Migration from SC123 to SC143

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.

Migration from SC123 to SC143

Postby fighter » 08.03.2018, 09:37


We need to migrate SC123 to SC143 since SC123 production is discontinued...

Can you please provide me information if there are some changes necessary when migrating from SC123 to SC143 in HW or SW?

Is application and RTOS which runs on SC123 fully compatible to SC143 or there are some rebuild with different setup neccessary?



the only difference between SC123 and SC143 is the flash memory size.
SC123 has 2 MB flash memory (~ 1 MB available for drive A:)
SC143 has 8 MB flash memory (~ 7 MB available for drive A:)

The RTOS is the same for both types of IPC@CHIP.
So your application should run on the SC143 the same as on the SC123.

Only if you have created a hex image for production of the complete flash content (RTOS + drive A:) of the SC123, this image cannot be used with the SC143, due to its changed flash size. You would need to create a new image for the SC143.

Best regards,
André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

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