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FK61-WL01 WEP128

Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)

FK61-WL01 WEP128

Postby tskwara » 03.03.2007, 17:51

We are using the FK61-WL01, RTOSV1.10, and WL01 firmware 102.

When setting WEP128 encryption, we cannot see the IPC. When using the non-encrypted mode, we see the IPC just fine. We reconfigured our Access Point accordingly with no success. We have altered the HEX keys as well.

I just want to ask if the WEP128 has any known issues at this time.

We are also simply using the examples from your site. Thank you.

Postby Markus Bartat » 06.03.2007, 15:01

Hello Mr Tskwara,

do you have set the same key index number for the WEP encryption at the wl01 and at the access point?

Best regards

Postby tskwara » 07.03.2007, 04:20

I have only tested the WEP 128 encryption using an Apple Airport Extreme (non-N type) device. When configuring this device using the manufacturer's software, only one key can be entered when WEP is selected as the encryption type. No key index is available as there is only one key. The Apple product works when using no encryption.

I will attempt another test using a LinkSys product..

Postby Markus Bartat » 07.03.2007, 12:35

Hello Mr tskwara,

ok, your access point supports only one key, but our device supports 4 WEP keys.
So you have to select at your WL01 driver application the correct key index
(to select the first of the four keys).

Please note: If you use the example wl01drv1.exe with the exemplary chip.ini configuration you have to set the chip.ini entry entry WEP128_IDX=1.
If you use another example without chip.ini configuration you have to set
the global key index variable u16Wep128CurrKeyIdx at the file wl01var.c to 0.

Best regards

Postby tskwara » 08.03.2007, 02:00

Hello Markus,

I used the WL01DRV_1 example and simply changed the value of the third key since the index value was set to 3. I was not aware that if my access point uses only one key that I must use only index key 1. Looking back now I suppose that makes sense to be limited to the first key only.

I changed the first key to the correct value and specified the index to use the first key and it worked. Thank you for your help.

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