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wl01 wifi bridge on SC13?

Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)

wl01 wifi bridge on SC13?

Postby superphil » 08.06.2007, 08:37

Hie, is there a driver avalaible for integration of a WL01 module (wirelesse bridge) on the SC13 SPI port? I have read that the driver is avalaible for SC1x3 but does some one already test the module integration on real 16 bits architecture like SC13?

I search a very small wifi bridge to connect my SC13 on a wireless network.

Thanks for your advices


Postby Andre Pribil » 15.06.2007, 09:47


the WL01 is connected over SPI to the host processor. The SC13 lacks a fast hardware SPI interface. So a reasonable IP communication is not possible with SC13. A further problem is the memory demand of the WLAN driver. The SC13 would leave not much room for an application.

If you need WLAN and you can't switch to SC1x3, probably the coming SC23 is an option for you.

André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

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