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Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)


Postby ppailler » 06.03.2018, 08:50

Hello, concerning the stop of the gc01 I have a request that is to replace this card on a dk60. The problem is I am looking for a quick way (request from my client) to replace this card. he uses the x86 interface.
firstly the bus x86 is it compliance with 8080 mode to connect a tft display directly?
secondly must should i develop on the sc143 beck with another display control?
thirdly can you publish the libraries for the Bus x86 of the graphic librairy?

can you help me in this problematic?

best regards

Re: gc01

Postby dippel » 07.03.2018, 10:51

a direct interfacing of SC1x3 with a standard LCD (e.g. parallel RGB interface) is not possible.
The GC01 uses a FBGA as a Graphic controller with an address and data bus interface to the SC1x3. Due this a graphic library is always related to the Graphic controller.
We recommend a change to SC1x5 (https://www.beck-ipc.com/en/produkte/sc1x5) with integrated LCD interface ore use the GC-touch 4.10 (https://www.beck-ipc.com/en/produkte/gc-touch4.10) with SC1x3.
R. Dippel
Leiter Entwicklung

Re: gc01

Postby ppailler » 07.03.2018, 14:56

Hello, thank you for your response. unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to change the sc1x3. I am thinking of creating an interface with a mcu using the x86 bus. in the end-of-life context could you broadcast the gclib using the x86 bus?


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