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How to get IP-Adress of WL01?

Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)

How to get IP-Adress of WL01?

Postby vetteri » 05.12.2006, 14:36


I just tried to set up an FTP-transport via WLAN. But I donŽt know how to get the IP-Adress of the WL01. When sending the FTP-Command "PORT" I have to send my IP. In your demo-FTP for the SC143 you use the function Get_IPConfig. But this function only returns the pointer for the IP of the "default ethernet device". Is there a similar funtion for the WL01 that returns the IP of the WL01?

When I use the demo-FTP-code, I can request a file via WL01 and the FTP server sends the data to the default wired ethernet device. But when I disconnect the ethernet cable, the server is not able to open a data connection, because the "PORT"-command sends the actual IP of the wired ethernet device.

Thank you for your help.

Ingo Vetter

Postby Markus Bartat » 05.12.2006, 17:10

Hello Mr. Vetter,

the RTOS Clib function Dev_Get_Handle_By_Name("WLAN",...) returns you a driver handle pointer of the WLAN device .
You can use this handle pointer to request the ip configuration of the WLAN device by calling Clib function Dev_Get_IP( ...).
Please see also the RTOS API and CLIB documentation.

Best regards

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