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WL01 SN00096 not operational with wl01drv_v115?

Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)

I found that an early WL01 product version seems to be incompatible with most recent driver wl01drv_v115. Driver terminates with "WL011 init error 10" . It has been operating with wl01drv_v104.

Another question. Why is the WEP64 support existing in WL01 API missing from the WL01 sample driver? I think it should be added in wl01helper.c.

Dr. Frank v. Münchow-Pohl
Beratender Ingenieur

Postby Markus Bartat » 22.10.2007, 09:37

Hello Mr. Münchow-Pohl,

there was a hardware redesign of the WL01 in May 2007.
Since Driver V1.10 only the new modules are supported by the software driver.
In August 2007 we exchanged all old modules on our costs. You should have received one.
Missing WEP 64 example: Due to the analogy between WEP64 and WEP128
we provide only example code for WEP128.

Best regards

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