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Extension on EB60 Kit

Questions and discussions about IPC@CHIP® hardware addons (e.g. FK61-WL01)

Extension on EB60 Kit

Postby JOUVE Christophe » 24.03.2009, 13:57

I have to make some extensions on an EB60 kit but some PIOs let on the two 20 pins connectors (ST16 and ST17) are linked with switches or leds on the board.
I need :
- an I2C link : it's ok with PIO13 and PIO31
- SPI in link with an SD card : it need's PIO27(SDO), PIO28(SDI), PIO19(SCK), PIO24(Slave_sel), PIO8(P8-CD) and PIO7(P7-WP). But PIO19 is already connected with a led and PIO7 with a switches. I think that the 10Kohm on PIO7 isn't a problem but the led with its 2 resistors on PIO19 could be one !
Does someone have done it before on this kit ?
Thank you

After reading beck help, it seems possible to change SPI pins ! My choice was the one above because it was done on the DK60 kit ..

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