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source of EK61-IEC_Platform_Full

Questions and discussions about the CoDeSys editor V2.3.

source of EK61-IEC_Platform_Full

Postby alex87 » 23.01.2012, 22:11

Can i get the source code of EK61-IEC_Platform_Full fp_cm, it is posible to get it? Or different question, how can i use all other PIO pins in Codesys. My idea is to modifiy BECK's EK61-IEC_Platform_Full. Any quicker way?

regards alex

Re: source of EK61-IEC_Platform_Full

Postby berb » 24.01.2012, 08:02

Hello Mr. Alex,
When I right understand want you all PIO from SC123 to benefit in CoDeSys!?
Then must you build a new platform with the IEC Platform Builder.
The PIO’s can you to enter by IO Configuration can.
Then must you as yet to enter the PIO in myrts.c , the myrts.c file find you in the Target/RTS directory.
More Info finds you in the manuals from IEC Platform Builder, CoDeSys and so on.
Günter Berberich


Yes, right *.c is created by IEC platform builder. Solved!


regards alex

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