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Exchange Can1 and Can2

Questions and discussions about the CoDeSys SDK with the IPC@CHIP® plattform.

Exchange Can1 and Can2

Postby allnew3 » 26.01.2012, 06:43

Help me, please.
There is a controller on the chip sc 24.
He has two can-port. first can-port set up as a master.
Second - as a slave. In the parametr manager, create a lists of variables (mapping list not available for select in PDO-mapping ) for read and write to the slave-can, respectively.
Display lists of PDO slave. Compile and create EDS- file . EDS-file load in can-master as a slave.
Compile, load the program into the chip. The program works - there is no exchange. Instead of the values in the generated list of variables - "???".
What isn't so?
Help, if possible, a detailed example. Codesys .Thank you.
I'm sorry for my Inglish.

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