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Object dictionary of the CANopen-Master

Questions and discussions about the CoDeSys editor V2.3.
User Documentation:
CANopen for 3S Runtime Systems says:"
In some cases it is helpful if the CAN master has an own object dictionary, e.g. for the data exchange
of the application with other CAN nodes.
The object dictionary of the master is created via an EDS-file during compilation and is pre-allocated
with values.
The EDS-file to be used is defined by two entries in the cfg-file:
In this example the first file named „MyMaster.eds“ which is found all over all configuration directories,
will be used." And:"
The CoDeSys user interface provides no editor for the object dictionary.
The EDS-file just defines with which objects the object dictionary has to be created. Thereby the
entries always are created with length 4 and the flags (lowest prior byte of the component of an object
dictionary entry dwIdxSubIdxF) always with 16#41 resp. 16#01 for the last entry.
If an object dictionary is available in the master, the master can act as a SDO server in the network.
Always when a client performs a writing access an object dictionary entry, the application will be
notified through the master flag bMsgUsed. This flag is implemented as an input variable of the master
so that the application can reset the flag. The master only sets the flag.
The application can use the object dictionary by directly writing or reading entries or by the
assignment of entries to IEC variables. In the latter case these IEC variables will be directly accessed
when reading or writing from/to another node."
But in practice, the array elements ODMEntries: ARRAY [0 .. MAX_MASTER_ODENTRY_IDX] OF CanOpenODEntry, for some reason are not created. It may be the case in ESfayle. Can we see an example of such file or specify the steps to obtain the necessary elements of an array ODMEntries.
Sincerely Borodin A

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