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codesys v3 for db240 boot project failed new!!!

Questions and discussions about the CoDeSys editor V3.4.

I can not create a bootable project in CoDeSys V3 for DB240. License is present. In the attached screenshot, it shows that when you run a file db240rts.bex. Files Application.app and Application.crc have to drive board DB240.

Error from CHIPTOOL screen, after starting db240rts.bex:

4294967295: Cmp=CmpApp, Class=4, Error=0, Info=15, pszInfo=**** Create CRC faile
d of bootproject <boot>Application</boot>
4294967295: Cmp=CmpApp, Class=4, Error=1, Info=1, pszInfo=**** Application <app>
Application</app> not found to start

the problem was resolved sending chip manufacturer. The new chips are working properly. For new chip RTOS version 1.11. This version can not be downloaded from the official site!

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