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Getting more details than using "tasks"

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.

Using SC143 with around 50 tasks and Paradigm compiler, having informations on which task preempt others would be helpful.

The "tasks" command only gives information on the past 10s. Is there a way (command, implementing callbacks, instrumenting C code) to log how tasks are scheduled.



The system offers no task switch hook, so I don't know of anyway that you could form a complete trace of task execution sequence.

At any one moment, the RTX_Count_Resources() API can provide a complete snapshot of the current situtation.


This is very complex API. It also is invasive due to the lengthy dwell period spent within the call, so beware. This API is used by the debuggers' PROBE to report information for the task displays.

Are these existing task displays on the debuggers not adequate for what you need to see? For me, they usually are.
Jack Gatrost
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

Thanks Jack,
I will try this RTX_Count_Resources() API.

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