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StreamCGI Demo code

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.

StreamCGI Demo code

Postby 3pelectronics » 18.12.2015, 15:24

Hi everybody, I'm trying to compile and debug on my DB54 board with SC24 module the test project "StreamCGI".
When I compile the project the compiler find a problem in module Heap.C Here below you can find the compiler result:

Info :Building...
Info :Compiling C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradigm C++ Beck IPC Edition\SOURCE\BECK\heap.c
Warn : heap.c(298,34):Call to function '__clib_farcoreleft' with no prototype
Info :Compiling D:\Test\BeckIpc\cgi_3.03\StreamCGI\paradigm24\src\streamcgi.c
Info :Linking D:\Test\BeckIpc\cgi_3.03\StreamCGI\paradigm24\BIN\streamcgi.exe
Error: :Undefined symbol ___clib_farcoreleft in module heap
Info :Build process failed (warnings: 1 errors: 1).

Can you help me please? I need to develop a CGI with a lot of data in the reply and I need to bufferize the reply of CGI call.

Thank you

Re: StreamCGI Demo code

Postby Andre Pribil » 18.12.2015, 15:58

Hello Alessandro,

please check that you're using the latest Paradigm version (Build 54).

By the way, the usage of heap.c is no longer needed. You can remove this file from the project and instead select "Multi-Threaded (Standard)" in the Paradigm TargetExpert dialog to make the heap and also other library functions reentrant.

André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

Re: StreamCGI Demo code

Postby 3pelectronics » 22.12.2015, 15:47

Thank you!

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