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web visualization.Using the embedded web server (sc-24 iec)

Questions and discussions about the CoDeSys editor V2.3.
Web visualization. Project is created in Codesys 2.3 with visualization. The controller is implemented on the chip sc-24 iec (hereinafter PLC).
1.Visualization works if you connect to the PLC in online mode from the IDE Codesys.
2.The visualization runs in the browser , if the controller is to connect through a Web server, created by the program webserver.exe from the directory ...\codesys 2.3\visu running in demo mode.
3.Visualization works, BUT WITHOUT displaying the VARIABLES that must be taken from a PLC, if
browser to connect to the built-in PLC web server.

Question: Does this mean that the built-in PLC WEB server does not support WEB visualization, or it requires any special settings. Or need to modify any functions in myrts
Thank you.

Alexander Borodin

Conclusion: In order for web visualization built-in chip sc24-iec web server is running and the process variables are updated in the browser need any previously installed version of the carry and install without ignoring anything:
- CODESYS_v23950.ehe
- CODESYSatCHIP_SDK_Edition_02_2015.ehe
- myrts.exe, codesys platform, the project collected and compiled and downloaded using the above software.

Tetris project can not work because of the number of displayed variables.If remove the column 3 starts. There are nuances, but basically works.

Thank you very much for your help !

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