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What display for SC145 ?

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC1x5.

What display for SC145 ?

Postby telemetrix » 16.04.2017, 13:33

What is best way to use color graphique display : 2 to 5 inch ?

Re: What display for SC145 ?

Postby dippel » 19.04.2017, 18:13


the requirement of the size/resolution of an graphic display should be given by the application.
The fundamental physical limitation of the SC1x5 is:
24-bit parallel display port, supports max 85 MHz display clock and up to WXGA (1366 x 768 @60Hz) resolution.
R. Dippel
Leiter Entwicklung

Re: What display for SC145 ?

Postby telemetrix » 04.06.2017, 22:47

do you have some example to connect LCD display to SC145
I'm would like to connect LCD display based ILI9341 trough SPI.
Is it a good idea ?
Do yo have example or library ?

Re: What display for SC145 ?

Postby dippel » 06.06.2017, 09:22

There are different possibilities to connect a LCD on SC145.
All Solutions with their own advantages & disadvantages
a) as you mentioned via SPI with a single-chip SOC driver (ILI9341).
+: Open Source samples for Arduino available. Cheap break out boards for Arduino available.
-: ILI9341 with max. 320x240. Limited speed of the SPI.

b) LCD direct with the parallel display port of SC1x5
+: Cheap and flexible. RTOS-LNX Support coming up
-: Parallel port with limited expansion/length
[schematic for the upcoming DB150 Graphic Extension attached)

c) with GC-touch 4.10 (via Ethernet – peer2peer, alternative with I2C)
+: With Ethernet fast. Flexible Design possible (expansion). RTOS Support available (GCLIB)
-: more expensive as b). From stock only as 4.3”.
R. Dippel
Leiter Entwicklung

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