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Timer 1 in Power Save mode 4

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.

Timer 1 in Power Save mode 4

Postby han_hoekstra » 08.11.2017, 11:09


I have a question regarding the power save modes of the Beck SC1x3 Controller.

We have been using it in power save mode 0x02, which it half the CPU speed and this works fine from the point of the Beck Controller, but we are having some issues with legacy Hardware that cannot handle the frequency.
Therefore we are trying power save mode 0x04, which is 1/4 of the CPU Speed. This seems to work for our legacy Hardware, but now we are having Problems with Timer 1. This timer should generate a square wave at a specified frequency and this all works fine when we are in power save mode 0x02, but switching to power save mode 0x04 gives a Problem with the timer, it does not run anymore.

Has anyone seen this Problem before ?
Is there anyone that can help us with this Problem?
(Answers can be in either English or German, I can read German fine, my writing is just not so good)

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