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Beck_Heap/Clib 301 linker error and no memory gain

Questions and discussions about the operating system RTOS and the corresponding C-LIB.

While trying to use the optional Beck_Heap library, I get a linker error for the functions malloc_dbg, farmalloc_dbg and malloc/farmalloc suplemental functions (NoLock versions) whereas the library seems to be linked as functions heapLockNoBlock() and heapUnlock() do get linked.

Besides, if I just use malloc and farmalloc, I don't get any error but I don't gain any memory space either. When I print the adresses of pointers to the newly allocated memory areas, they strictly follow the segment alignement which is the behavior that the Beck_Heap library is designed to avoid.

Analyzing the conflicts between the standard Clib and the Beck_Heap versions of the functions is not possible as in version 301 the Beck_Heap C file is missing in the sources and the extraction of defined module in CLIB through PLIB just print the message "No public symbols exist."

Could anyone confirm that the Beck_Heap library in its current downloadable version works as intended ? If it does, then what procedure do I have to follow to use it efficiently ?

Best regards,

Are you linking with the appropriate BeckHeap*.lib library for your memory model found at this path of your Paradigm-Beck installation?

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Paradigm C++ Beck IPC Edition\Lib\Beck"

I would expect that to work.

I don't know why this Beck Heap library's source was not included in the clibV301src.zip.
Jack Gatrost
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

I'am linking with the library BeckHeapL.lib as my memory model is LARGE. If I take this lib out of the linker, I get linker errors on heapLockNoBlock() and heapUnlock(), and these errors disappear if I add the library again, so I guess it is linked.

Could there be conflicts with other Beck librairies ?

Which other Beck libraries are you using?
Jack Gatrost
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

I'm also using noehl.lib, emu.lib, mathl.lib, clibl.lib and cl.lib

I am unaware of any conflicts with these libraries.

Did you receive the beckheap library that I sent to you directly by email. This one I had just successfully linked into a test program here, so was wondering if you encounter problems when using it.
Jack Gatrost
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

I received the library you sent to me, I only had time to test it yesterday afternoon and I got the same problem.
It is strange that only a few functions do not get linked, but as you mentioned it worked for you, if there are not any conflicts with other libraries then the problem must lie somewhere else on my side.

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