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Questions and discussions about the operating system RTOS-LNX and the corresponding C-LIB.


Postby Pierre » 11.02.2019, 14:33

i'm trying to port an SC23 application to SC145...
In my SC23 code i used functions as hal_start_timer()... to output a frequency on pin TMROUT0.
I haven't found any equivalent to these functions with the new RTOS-LNX.

I could create a small process to change the state of one pin using RTX_timers, but...


Re: hal_start_timer

Postby Andre Pribil » 11.02.2019, 15:59

Hi Pierre,

yes, you're right and I'm sorry that there's no equivalent on the SC1x5 RTOS-LNX for hal_start_timer() etc. APIs.

In fact the i.MX processor provides two General Purpose Timers. One is used by the system for the general tick and the other is probably free. However, there seems to be no support for this GPT device in the mainline or Freescale/NXP kernel. So I fear we're a little bit doomed here.

If you just want to output a frequency, maybe you can use a PWM pin and the PWM API as a replacement!?

Best regards,
André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

Re: hal_start_timer

Postby Pierre » 14.02.2019, 14:07

Thanks, I've used gpioWriteOutput to get some clock pulse, it's enough for my purpose, and I can't use a PWM output because these pins are not routed on my PCB...

best regards

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