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Questions and discussions about the operating system RTOS-LNX and the corresponding C-LIB.


Postby Pierre » 14.02.2019, 14:16

I 've a program who crashes at it's end, near the exit() command, but I can't see exactly where with the debugger, raising a SIGABRT signal...
after this crash, the task associated to this program is always visible using the TASK command :
ID 3136 Load= n/a DOS2 prio= 50 stack= n/a used=n/a state=8000 (DOS2) !
ID 2304 Load= n/a @CGI prio= 90 stack= 32768 used=41% state=0000
it appears within () and with a !.
But I can't kill it :

kill P3136
Killing DOS2
Error: Killing DOS2 failed!

How could I remove this task from the task list ?

best regards

Re: tasks

Postby Andre Pribil » 14.02.2019, 14:43


you can only get rid of this task by rebooting. Tasks marked with a "!" sign are tasks that are still present in the RTOS layer, but no longer in the underlying Linux system. With other words the RTOS layer did not notice that this task was ended. For instance this happens when you kill a process from Linux with "kill -SIGKILL pid" or if you terminate a debug sesssion from the ONE-Workbench. The "tasks" commands checks whether the associated process id for a RTOS task ID is still valid.

Best regards,
André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

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