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Update to RTOS revision 2.05

Questions and discussions about the hardware of the IPC@CHIP® products SC123, SC143, SC23 and SC24.

Update to RTOS revision 2.05

Postby nauger » 26.02.2019, 12:12


We usually use a SC143-LF with RTOS V1.51 for our application. Since the Change notification 201701-01(new hardware), we have to update the RTOS Revision.

I have tested to update the RTOS to the revision 2.05 and my application seems working without new compilation.
We use BIOS API, RTOS API (task control, events, timing, semaphore, massages), CAN API and TCP/IP API

My question is : if I need to change my application and have to compilate (without RTOS API upgrade), can I still use the CLIB revision 2.22 ?

Can you guarantee a compatibility between the RTOS 2.05 and an application using CLIB V2.22 ?


Nicolas Auger


yes, as long as you don't need any new API of RTOS V2.05 compared to V1.51 and the bug fixes inside the newer CLIB versions are no concern, you can stay with the old CLIB.

Best regards,
André Pribil
Software Development
Beck IPC GmbH

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